The MOCATOUR project is one of the projects under the Amsterdam Living Lab. Some of the partners in Amsterdam Living Lab also collaborate with the Universieit van Amsterdam in MOCATOUR.


(coordinating partner)

The University of Amsterdam (UvA) aims to offer an inspiring, broadly-oriented international academic environment where both staff and students can develop their capacities to an optimal level. The UvA is characterised by a critical, creative and international atmosphere, open-minded and strongly engaged with society. Because the UvA is located in both historic and modern buildings spread throughout the city, the university forms an integral part of Amsterdam.

The Intelligent Systems Lab Amsterdam (ISLA) at the University of Amsterdam performs fundamental, applied and spin-off research. We define intelligence as observing and learning; observing the world by video, still pictures, signals and text and abstracting knowledge or decisions to act from these observations.

> Dr. Frank Nack
> Abdallah El Ali

novay-logo(Living Lab methodology testing)

Novay connects companies, knowledge partners and government organizations in an open network to realize ground-breaking ICT innovations which have an impact on people, society and the economy. In this way, partners inspire each other and ideas are gained for new services, better processes and an understanding of the opportunities which ICT creates. Together we translate those into successful services and into technology that delivers. Companies, universities and government each contribute their financial share. Bearing risk together and sharing the funding burden make open innovation a safe adventure!

> Dr. Mettina Veenstra

150px-Fablab_logo (developing tangible interfaces)

Fab Lab is an abbreviation for Fabrication Laboratory. It is a group of off-the-shelf, industrial-grade fabrication and electronics tools. Currently the labs include a laser cutter that makes 2D and 3D structures, a sign cutter that plots in copper to make antennas and flex circuits, a high-resolution milling machine that makes circuit boards and precision parts, and a suite of electronic components and programming tools for low-cost, high-speed microcontrollers.

> Dr. Peter Troxler

Westergasfabriek(Living Lab testing space)

The Westergasfabriek can provide space for creative and cultural businesses. The industrial monuments and the surrounding park form a multifunctional space and a modern city park of international standing. There are trees, meadows and streams, dozens of offices, spaces for large and small events, bars, restaurants, a cinema, a theater and much more.

> Pol Eggermont